Our program

Service, community engagement and leadership development become increasingly important parts of the program as youth lead their own activities and work their way toward earning Scouting’s highest rank, Eagle Scout.

Led by Scouts

Troop 1852 offers a youth-led program. This means the Scouts select activities and run their program with the support of the Troop Committee and guidance from the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. The activities do not always go perfectly; however, the Scouts review how each activity went after it is completed. This allows the adults to teach or coach the Scouts so they can improve the next activity. The Boy Scouts learn to be leaders by taking responsibility for execution of the program.

During the first year, Boy Scouts are encouraged to stay focused on Scout skills. If a Scout regularly participates at Troop meetings and outings, rank advancement should come naturally. It’s not something every Boy Scout does at the same pace. It’s not expected that every Scout be at the same level in rank or position based upon age.


As new Boy Scouts join the Troop, New-Scout patrols are formed. The new Scouts elect their own patrol leaders and choose their patrol names. Each New-Scout patrol works under the guidance of an older Scout (a Troop Guide) and Assistant Scoutmasters.

Once Boy Scouts reach the rank of First Class or have been in the Troop for a year, they are able to choose one of the Troop’s regular patrols to join. Regular patrols have the advantage of containing Scouts of all ages and experience levels. The Scouts learn responsibility by teaching each other and maintaining their own patrol’s camping supplies.


Troop 1852’s field uniform (also referred to as the “Class-A” uniform) consists of the following items, which may be purchased at the Stafford Scout Shop:

It’s also recommended that each Scout have a Troop 1852 t-shirt to comprise the upper half of the activity uniform (also referred to as the “Class-B” uniform). These shirts can be obtained from the Troop Treasurer for $15 (short sleeve, polyester wicking knit).

  • Troop 1852 does not require a neckerchief or headgear
  • Please do not buy Troop numerals for the sleeve; the Troop has a custom 1852 unit patch that we give each new Boy Scout.

Field uniforms should be worn to all Troop meetings, on the way to and from camping destinations, and during most service projects. Activity uniforms can be worn during campouts and at other events as specified.