October 2017 – Parent Update

October 17, 2017


The meeting started with Mr. Stephen Hankins talking about camping gear and the convenience of a backpack. Mr. David Rudzinski distributed the agenda and conducted the meeting informing about the following.

  • Membership 
    • Annual forms – The deadline to submit the membership forms has been extended to November 7, 2017. The package should have the ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’, the ‘Code of Conduct’, and the Medical forms. The scouts who went to Summer camp don’t need to turn in medical forms if they had submitted one right before the camp. The forms are valid for a year. Adult campers need to submit medical forms as well.
    • Recharter emails that will be going out soon need parents and scouts to confirm name/address/info. This helps to update membership of individual as well as the troop. Recharter is effective from Jan1 to Dec 2018. Mr. Rudzinski gave details about the procedure.
  • Training
    • Youth Leadership Training – YLT is required for Scouts holding leadership positions.
    • Adult Training: Registered Leaders and Committee Members have to have YPT to recharter. Any adult attending a campout needs YPT. YPT training is valid for 2 years and in most cases, can be done online.
  • Program
    • Reporting / Recap
      • Meet the Troops – Troop 1852 had a Selfie Station – Mr. David Rudzinski & Mr. Daniel Brunello were credited for its success. Mr. Brunello shared a picture of the banner in front of which the selfies were taken, with the parents.
      • Scoutmaster Mr. Malte Funk Sheppard gave an account of the New Scout Adventure Day – Troop 1852 had a Maze set up. It proved to be a hit with younger Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
      • Missouri City Mayor and City Council Recognition of Troop 1852 – 2 weeks ago Missouri City Green organized a conservation project to put markers on storm sewers that were reminder not to pollute with information and a hotline number. 12 scouts and 6 adults from Troop 1852 spent 3 hours fulfilling the project. All participants were honored. Congressman Al Green was present at the City Hall. Flag ceremony and Pledge of Allegiance conducted by our Scouts.
      • ASPL Election – Was held the same night. ASPL serves 6 months assisting the SPL. Organizing the meetings etc. After 6 months, he graduates to SPL.
    • Schedule changes
      • Oct campout has been rescheduled due to schedule conflict of many scouts who will be participating at the Regions’ orchestra auditions on Oct 21. Coincidentally, the park is closed (fallout from Harvey) as well.
      • Backpacking campout – 1st weekend of December. A meeting about the backpacking will explain appropriate gear, etc.
      • Hiking trip moved to Dec. @ Lake Fairfield (near Dallas)
      • Next Tuesday – October 24 regular Troop meeting
      • Webelos Woods 2017 – November 3-5 — The Troop recruits new scouts from the Cub Scout program. They will be camping with the Troop. Webelos I come with parents.
      • Winter Camp 2017 – Bovay – December 26-31 has been cancelled (for Troop 1852) due to lack of interest. But any Scout is more than welcome to go with another Troop.
    • 2018 Summer Camp was voted to be at the Bare Creek Camp Area, a 4.5 hr. drive.
      • A poll was taken to determine the preferred timing of this camp out – 1st week of July including July 4th (pros and cons were discussed) OR the 2nd week of July. The goal is to maximize participation. Information on cost (about $375) and accommodations (cabin or tents) was discussed.
      • Boys are going to Sea Base and Norther Tier already in June for a week.
    • 2018 High Adventure – Sea Base is full; Northern Tiers still has space.
    • 2019 Philmont Lottery (2019 High Adventure option) – Next week is the lottery. Notification will be a month later
  • Finance
    • Ms. Gulnar Surveyor gave a presentation regarding
    • Annual dues – 85% of monthly statement emails have been sent out. Deficit emails go out first.
    • Popcorn Fundraiser – Mr. Daniel Brunello asked parents were asked to remind scouts –30% of the sale amount goes to the individual scout. Deadline is Nov 14. Popcorn delivery is scheduled to be on Dec 9th. Need volunteers to pick up popcorn. The option of Show and Sell at HEB/Kroger was discussed for the next year. In the past, the Troop has opted for this option due to the financial burden it puts on the Troop. A visiting member of Pack 1401 shared their experience with Show and Sell. Other ideas for fundraisers (wreaths and other Christmas items) were discussed as well.
  • Financial Report 2016-17 and 2017-18 Budget – Ms. Gulnar Surveyor gave a 2016-2017-year review and a bugdet for next year. She presented the Income and Expense report. She informed the attendees that membership cost is increasing but the Troop will not charge the scouts extra for this year. Troop covers the membership fees for adults. Garage Sale is the only fundraiser where the entire money goes to the troop facilitating expenses like badges, etc. BUDGETARY NUMBERS CAN BE PROVIDED UPON REQUEST.
    • Mr. Daniel Brunello asked about the capital expenditure budget for next year?
    • Ms. Gulnar Surveyor, Mr. David Rudzinski and Mr. Ismael Carlo informed that membership expense will be increasing, but the troop is absorbing the difference this year. The scouts (program side) need to have a list of what all they need. The list is then prioritized as per the urgency of the need. The committee tries to increase efficiency to facilitate flexibility to help the scouts to do what they want.
  • Parent members of Pack 1401 were present as visitors. Pack 1401 will be accompanying Troop 1852 to Webelos Woods. The visitors were recognized, introduced and welcomed to the Troop.