Personal Fitness Merit Badge Starts on Sunday at 3:00 PM

We have a busy Scouting weekend coming up: Scouting for Food on Saturday, Scout Sunday, and the 2017 Troop Presentation of the Personal Fitness Merit Badge (MB).

The Scouts that have been identified as not having earned the Personal Fitness MB have already been contacted, and I hope your Scout will take advantage of this great opportunity to earn an Eagle Required MB!

I have sent the tentative 2017 schedule via email, which also contains some reminders for each Scout regarding what they need to bring and the routine that will be followed. I have also sent the worksheet via email that we will be utilizing for the MB.

If you have not earned this merit badge and have not receive any emails from Mr. Graviss, please let him know and plan on attending the class this Sunday afternoon.

The Personal Fitness MB course will be conducted at the Missouri City Ridge View Park, Pavilion 3 (east side of the park).

MB activities will begin at 3:00 PM sharp, so be early and come prepared.

I hope to see you this weekend.