Pedernales Falls 2016

Hola Scouts, Scouters and Parents!

Another riveting tale of adventure and conquest from Troop 1852.

Our journey this time takes us to the beautiful Pedernales Falls State Park with a side trip to Wimberly for zip-lining.

After departing Saturday morning only 10 minutes behind schedule we made good time to our lunch at Wendy’s aka Jack-in-the-Box (little inside joke there).  Soon after, we were in the rolling hills of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Arriving at the park we were assigned campsites. The “Rhinestone Ranger” even remembered our group from last year, in a good way.  LOL

Camp was quickly set up and a group of Scouts took off to explore while Rats enjoyed a fire as temps began dropping quickly. A Park Ranger came by to talk about problems they have had with other Scout Troops in the past disturbing other campers. I assured him he had us confused with “those other guys”. Needless to say, our Troop performed admirably and set the standard for how Scouts should behave. Dinner was prepared and quickly consumed. Skies were clear and the stars were magnificent. Those of us who had to get up for a bio-break during the night were treated to a spectacular vison, as millions of “God’s little lanterns” flickered in the sky. It made leaving the warm sleeping bag almost enjoyable.

Sunday morning we awoke to COLD temperatures, frost and ice in our water bottles. Not quite “E Rock” cold, but still. After a hearty breakfast and some excellent coffee (thanks Iceman and Daniel), we began to thaw out. There was even time for some quick exploring before departing for zip-lining.

Packing up lunches and loading scouts we left for Wimberly leaving a small group of Rats, led by Cougar, behind to hike and explore. Arriving at our destination, scouts quickly transported our supplies and set up areas for lunches. The outfitter remembered us from last year, again in a good way. First group was harnessed and given training then it was off to “fly” after an exciting, rough ride in a military transport vehicle. The second group entertained themselves with horse shoes and exploring the creek while practicing their rock throwing skills. Soon it was time for the second group to fly. After their return, scouts packed all gear and policed the area before leaving.

pedernales-02On our return to camp the sun was beginning to set and temperature was dropping accordingly. All were hungry as dinner was prepared and enjoyed. Remember… camping calories do not count! Scouts made cobblers and it must have been good as none was offered to the Rats.

After KP, scouts drifted to the adult campsite for a few songs then retired to their own fire for fellowship and story-telling. The Rats entertained themselves with tales of past adventures and some of the humorous events that have happened over the years. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Monday morning we awoke early and set about the task of breaking down camp and preparing to leave. After exploring the beautiful falls and boulders we were on the road for our next stop….Bucc-ees! Then back to the “Y” and unloading of our gear.

As always parents, it was a pleasure to be in the company of such fine, upstanding young men. All scouts behaved and were responsible with setting up camp and tending to their needs. All were self-sufficient and handled whatever problems arose on their own. From Park Rangers to our guides at zip-lining, our scouts were complimented on how well behaved they were. One guide was complaining about a Scout group she had the day before and how impressed she was with our troop, even with such a large group they were so well behaved.

Thanks to all the adults who stepped up to make this happen. You are providing memories these scouts will cherish all their lives. Parents, when you see these leaders at the meetings reach out and thank them for bringing these adventures to your sons. Special thanks to Jackie “Hitch” Chevez for pulling the trailer. And thanks to the moms who came along to share the experience, even with the foo-foo flavored creamers! What next, a cappuccino machine on the camp fire? “Aww sheesh ladies! Cream and sugar for coffee?”  LOL

Until the next adventure,

Jeff “Viper” Kesler SM T1852